How do I shape my songs? It depends: it can start from music or words. I’m often humming new melodies, chords, rhythm tracks, and usually catch them with my cell phone, wherever I am. Once, I happened to record a melody during a serious business meeting by pretending to answer a call! Sometimes, I start with a concept that fascinates me in particular: a story I read in a magazine, a picture, conversations overheard in the subway, a memory from my life, emotions related to a period I want to paint indelibly... in this case I try to visualize the concept and turn it into an emotional snapshot, which then I describe tying together the most evocative words. I like to feel the song and then to structure the harmony and the melody based on what I want to express. What is my genre of music? It should be the consequence of the lyric and not vice versa. Sometimes, however, I like to play with contrast - a dramatic theme may have an unlikely light sound. I believe that music is beautiful in all its forms; 7 notes that combined together express your mood, what you see, what you feel. For me music springs from the soul.